FUNDOSHI (loincloth)

A Fundoshi is an article of men's clothing consisting of a long strip of cloth fastened around dthe waist, passed between the legs, and tucked in or tied at the back. Also called Shitaobi. Judging from clay figurines (Haniwa) of Kofun Period (ca300-710), fundoshi appear to have been in used from the ancient past. At first they were made of linen, but from the Edo period (1600-1868) cotton was more widespread. The upper classes favoured loincloths made of silk. The most popular kind of fundhoshi were the rokushaku so called because of its length has Roku-shaku (about 2.2m or 7.2ft) and made of a singelepiece of cloth; the Ecchu Fundoshi, half as long as the rokushaku, but with one end of the central cloth section folded over and sewn to acoommodate a string waist band; and the Mokkko fundoshi with both ends of the cloth sewn over the waist band, which is tied at one side. During the Showa Period (1926-89), fundoshi were gradually replaced by western style underwear.

Rokushaku Fundoshi, Mokko Fundoshi, Ecchu Fundoshi

Rokushaku Fundoshi

You can make it by yourself from the Sarashi Cloth.
at 1760-yen (9.2m), Click

Cut it at the length from 2.2m to 2.7cm. That's all!
If you have big waist, longer will be suittable.
Also, if you think it is too thick, cut it the cloth into half width.

Let's make your original fundoshi by
dyeing the cloth by Dyeing-powder(such as Dylon) or
stitching your name on the cloth and so on.

Ecchu Fundoshi -- Click

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