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KENJOU design is one of the most traditional design. It is originally from Hakata, Fukuoka Pref. in Kyushu, JAPAN.
Each designs (weaving pattern) have meanings.

A : Stripe (OYAKO JIMA = Parent and Child)
The thicker line is regarded as parent and thinner one is child.
"A" has thinner lines between thicker ones.
This means "parents are guarding their children"

B : Kaki (Hanadai)
This motif comes from Buddhist's prop. A flower base for Buddha and Hotokes.
You can see this line has roll- printing of the base.

C : Dokko
This is also Buddhist's prop motif. This is a prop Buddhist priest have.
This is also roll-printing design of the prop, Dokko.

D : Oyako Jima
This stripe is also Oyako jima, but see,
this stripe means ; children will guard their parents.

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