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The word "N"-Engi- is originally comes from the word of buddism thesis. Now in common Japanese usage Engi has come to mean (1) the origin of some event or thing, (2) omens or portents, and (3) legends surrounding the founding of a shrine or temple.
Here, we would like to tell you Engi in (1) and (2)
More about Engi (in buddism meaging: Click HERE to open Wiki)

Dragonfly (Tombo)

Dragonfly is regarded as lucky and which brings you "victory".The dragonfly ("tombo" in Japanese) was called "Kachi-mushi" ("mushi" means insect) traditionally, because we can hear it flies sounding like "Kachi, kachi".
The Kachi is the same sound of - victory-.
Samurai worriers and his wife loved dragonfly because of this reason.
Also, the tombo turns straightly back, that reminds Samurai that he could be back straightly and directly from his field to his home.

Rabbit (Usagi)

A rabbit's powerful jumps reminds us a word @ƂƂ񔏎q@"tontonbyoushi"@in Japanese. It means quickly, without a hitch, by leaps and bounds.
We love this motif because it seems to bring us success in our career and in our life.
Also, we love its long year as listening and hearing a lot of good news.

We know European also believe Rabbit is lucky animal and key ring of Rabbit's left leg is a kind of lucky charm.
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Cute Patterned Yukata
Kanzashi (Hair Ornament)

Goldfish is regarded to bring you "MUCH GOLD".  But this Engi is originally from China. The Kanji of "" - gyo, Sakana : meaning fish- is pronouced as "yu" in chinese and this is the same sound of the Kanji of "many, much, plenty".  
Crane: (Tsuru)
Crane has been a symbol of longevity from ancient time.

cf. Turtle T (kame)
Turtle is also a symbol of longevity.

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Turtle T (kame)
Turtle is also a symbol of longevity.

Crane: (Tsuru)
Crane has been a symbol of longevity from ancient time.

Regarding to a pattern of "Kikkou (Turtle's Shell)" - About Komon(small patterns)
Wave and Chidori Wave and Chidori-bird

Chidori is written as "thousand" and "bird" - 璹.
Wave is ever lasting, never stop. And also the wave is often compared to difficulties in your life. "The Wave and Chidori bird" - this motif combination means;
1. Ever lasting prosperity
2. Overcome your difficulties in your life with many helps by the rich birds.