Natsu-san's Kimono Life
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Hi, everyone! We receive many questions about Kimono keeping.
Let us share with you how Natsu-san is doing in her Kimono life!

vol. 7 : How can we wash "HANTEN"?

How can we wash "Hanaten"? Should be bring it to Dry Cleaners??
NO!!! NO!! NO!!!

vol. 6 : How can we read "WASHING INSTRUCTIONS"

Some of our Kimono, Hakama, Samue and other clothings might have LABELS of washing instruction. Some of Japanese instructions must be very difficult for you to keep your Kimono/Hakama properly. So, please let me share "how to read" them today. Some you the signs are very easy to understand.

vol. 5 : HAKAMA - How to iron my Hakama?-
We receive questions about how to keep your Hakama and Kimono.
Traditionally, we do not wash/iron our Kimono or Hakama so often.
Once or twice in your life.
However, I really understand that you would like to wash/iron your Hakama or Kimono more often.
And please let me share how we iron and clean them.
Please excuse my drawings.
I will try to take some pictures for this page later.

vol. 4 : Tabi - Make your Tabi more confortable-

I would like to show you how I make my Tabi more confortable for myself.
When I open new Tabi, I will form the Tabi for myself as follows.

Vol 3 : Let's enjoy ECO LIFE! (Froshiki)
Hello, everyone.
Japanese traditional cloth, FUROSHIKI is very ecological bag.
Let's have a furoshiki in your bag when you go shopping, and use it as shopping bag.
I will show you how to make one piece of Froshiki into fashionable carrying bag!

Vol. 2 : Enjoy Japanese items
Great idea! I went to department store yesterday and got beautiful idea.
This is my sneakers.
white shoelace
And, these are codes, made of kimono fabric.
Kimono cloth code

vol. 1 : Tabi - How to wash? -
Hi! This is Natsu.
First topic is "how to wash".
Let me share how to wash my Tabi.
in washing net

Thank you very much for your enjoying BOKUNAN-DO's website.
Happy Kimono Life~!
Best wishes, Natsu