Outfits for Taoko Player


reads TAIKO,
meaning "drum".

You often see this Mon on Taiko outfits.
This three comma-shaped designed mon is named "MITSU DOMOE".
This design has many meanings.

1. This three comma are shaped of whirlpool. Old Japanese houses used to have this
Mon at the tile of gate, tile of roof or warehouses (KURA) for talismans against
a natural disaster.
2. The comma shaped design is very much alike the shape of MAGATAMA, which is
a bead of ancient necklace.
3. The comma shaped look like "TOMO" the old bowing-tool. Many Samura (warrior)
liked to use this Mon for his flag mark.
4. Three (or two) comma so united as to make a perfect circle.
5. The mon becomes divine and many families of shrines use this Mon for their Kamon
(family crest).

Taiko are traditionally played for ritual event of shrines. That is why Taiko outfits often have
this design.

TOMOE MON has many variation.

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